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Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) at JioLife Global is all about the realization of ideals. Our mission and reason for being are summed up in the motto, “Ahead of beauty waits a world of joy.” We count ourselves successful if we can help create a society that abounds with smiles. As a cosmetics manufacturer, we use cosmetics to help as many women as possible feel confidence in themselves and take part actively in society and engage with other people. Our company vision, “Feel Your Beauty”, expresses the power of cosmetics to bring forth the individual beauty and inner sparkle of our customers.

Corporate Social Responsibility - Tree Plantation Drive by Jio Life Global

We believe that the realization of our mission and vision will enhance the sustainability of society and our own company. All of the people in JioLife Global are doing their utmost to translate these ideals into practice. As responsible members of society, we stay in constant dialogue with all our of stakeholders to keep their full trust. For JioLife Global, corporate social responsibility is a key management issue encompassing all activities that contribute to sustainability.

We are also active for the social welfare and believe that families are crucial to a strong society and a key source of confidence and care. That is why we are providing long-term support for families all over the world. Our aim is to deliver tailored support on a local level to make sure we are meeting specific needs. We work with NGOs and organizations with local expertise to set up and lead projects and to ensure maximum impact for our social engagement. Each of our brands makes a social commitment to support families in an area that is true to its brand values and expertise.

Corporate Social Responsibility at Jio Life Global - Process Flow Chart

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