Fruits & Veggies Wash

Fruits and vegetables are usually sprayed with pesticides, germs and viruses. Additionally some fruits such as apples may have wax coating on the surface to increase their shelf-lives. JIOLIFE fruits and veggies wash, washes off all pesticide, germs residues from fruit and veggies’ skin, removes synthetic wax coating on apples, kill germs and sanitize fruits and veggies, Ideal for sanitizing organic veggies and fruits.

Key Features
• Cleans all Fruits and Vegetables

• Made with 100% Natural Food Grade Ingredients

• Kills Bacteria, Viruses & Fungi

• Safe to Use

JioLife Products
"My skin is on the oily side, and the JioLife products balance my skin, too. I’ve always used the Neem Face Wash daily for deep cleaning, and now I’ve also started using the Fruit Cream which brightens my skin. My skin has become so smooth that I only need very small amounts of the creams"

"Just wanted to thank you so much for making such wonderful products. I am 60 years old and my face hasn’t looked this great in a long time. I have told my friend about JioLife and she is also using it and I tell everyone I know about it. Thanks again! I will be a customer for life!"

"JioLife products are the BEST skin care products I have ever had! The products are highly effective, and absolutely have no side effects. I recommend JioLife skin care products to everyone who is looking for a complete skin solution."
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